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Three Young Researchers Receive Awards from OTS Emerging Challenges in Tropical Science Program  

How do tropical ecosystems respond to a changing climate? How do natural and human-dominated systems interact? How can we restore tropical ecosystems? These questions are the three emerging challenges to tropical ecosystems addressed through the Emerging Challenges in Tropical Science Program (ECTS), a new integrated program designed to catalyze research that addresses the most significant challenges to sustainability in the tropics.

We are thrilled to announce the three recipients of the new OTS research fellowships awards in Emerging Challenges in Tropical Science. These researchers will conduct their research projects at the La Selva Research Station in Costa Rica, starting on October 2016.

•    Carlos García-Robledo, PhD, University of Connecticut, “Demographic Networks - a novel theoretical framework to estimate insect herbivore coextinctions under projected global warming.”

•    Erin K. Kuprewicz, PhD, University of Connecticut, “Plant-animal interactions in the Anthropocene: Using the Barva elevational gradient to understand and predict barriers to plant migrations under global warming.”

•    Katja S. Grossmann, PhD, University of California Los Angeles, “Ground-based remote sensing of Solar-Induced Chlorophyll Fluorescence (SIF) at La Selva Biological Station.”

These awards, funded through the generous support of Rudy and Sally Ruggles, provide 10 weeks of station fees at La Selva. Researchers must complete their research and submit a final report for the project no later than 30 November 2017.

The Emerging Challenges in Tropical Science award competition targets early career scientists (post-doctoral fellows and junior faculty) from OTS member institutions. ECTS-Research program supports preliminary field work conducive to new long-term research. Preference will be given to projects that build upon long-term data collected at OTS stations, or that will provide long-term continuity to ongoing projects started by senior researchers.

We wish the best of their lucks to Drs. García-Robledo, Kuprewicz, and Grossmann with their research projects!

Learn more about the ECTS here

In the photo from left to right: Drs Kuprewicz, Grossmann, and García-Robledo.

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